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Pictures Lost

Pictures Lost

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Yesterday evening Dinah sent me some pictures she thought i might like to use for LJ as userpics. When I clicked on iphoto to add the new pictures, it took a long time to open.  When it did, most of my pictures were gone. Everything after February 2008 was gone. I tried rebooting to see if they would come back. No luck.  I went to Facebook and Live Journal to see if I could upload my picture from there.  I found I could. At school I asked the tech teacher how I could get the pictures back to iphoto. He isn't  too familiar with Mac, but he suggested clicking on the harddrive and trying to get them back over from there.  I found the pictures on the harddrive, but they wouldn't drag over to iphoto.  It's weird I feel so violated as if I had been robbed.  I tried putting a few pictures back on from a CD and it worked. I think I have all my pictures on DVDs so I'll be all right, but now I don't trust my computer. I've had it four and a half years and I've never had any trouble with it.

Here are the pictures from Dinah.

  • I hate when that happens! I know that feeling, like you can't trust the computer. But I also try to remember to feel that way all the time because you really can't trust it. My hard drive crashed recently and I lost a bunch of stuff but it was my fault because the comp had been acting odd and I'd ignored it. Sometimes on a Mac you can do this thing called "repair permissions" and it fixes some glitches. Just Google it, and there's another hard disk repair program that's already on your computer that can also fix things like that. The pictures are probably still there but they've gotten disconnected from their little hard-drive addresses and it might be fixable. I love those pictures of you and Matilda. You both look so happy!
    • yeah I think the pictures are there too... same sort of thing happened to B once and I remember they were there and it was toward the end of her computers life, but I am pretty sure she had to get access to them from some other application... is it worth a trip to a genius? are there great apple sales now?
  • maybe ndozo or cdozo will have some suggestions... i bet the pictures are still all in iphoto but just something got switched that made them not visible... the photos i sent were taken in 2008 so maybe iphoto got confused??? something like this happened to B on her old mac laptop toward the end of its life... she says she doesn't remember if it was ever resolved... (i love these pix of you cropped to just the two of you---and you can really see Matilda's whiskers, I don't know how your groomer manages to give her cuts without getting the whiskers too, i'll have to ask someone how to do that cause you are not supposed to cut whiskers)
  • Thank you both. I'll look for hard drive repair on my computer and on Google.
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