matildasmom (matildasmom) wrote,

Pictures Lost

Yesterday evening Dinah sent me some pictures she thought i might like to use for LJ as userpics. When I clicked on iphoto to add the new pictures, it took a long time to open.  When it did, most of my pictures were gone. Everything after February 2008 was gone. I tried rebooting to see if they would come back. No luck.  I went to Facebook and Live Journal to see if I could upload my picture from there.  I found I could. At school I asked the tech teacher how I could get the pictures back to iphoto. He isn't  too familiar with Mac, but he suggested clicking on the harddrive and trying to get them back over from there.  I found the pictures on the harddrive, but they wouldn't drag over to iphoto.  It's weird I feel so violated as if I had been robbed.  I tried putting a few pictures back on from a CD and it worked. I think I have all my pictures on DVDs so I'll be all right, but now I don't trust my computer. I've had it four and a half years and I've never had any trouble with it.

Here are the pictures from Dinah.


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