matildasmom (matildasmom) wrote,

Day Two AT the TVAC Trial in Murrieta

I kept looking at the weather report for Murrieta trying to find an upbeat prediction.  One report did predict showers, while for Claremont it was saying rain. Anyway I decided to go. In the morning it was pouring here.  Along the road it was pouring.  I kept saying to myself I was crazy, but by the time I got to Murrieta it was barely misting. It was blowing pretty hard and I was worried about my Sports Brella.  I man offered to let me set up under his EZUP and I took him up on his offer.

The weather was clear with patches of blue sky and two rainbows that I saw. Matilda and I got in two good runs before it started to rain at about 10:30. We got a Q in Fullhouse Level 3 and one in Standard 3 with a 2nd place.  In the other three runs I think the rain made us both less focused. Two of the problem runs were clearly my handling problems.  I didn't give the right support for the obstacle she needed to take both in our second Standard and in Wildcard.  In Standard she missed the jump she needed to take before the A-frame and in Colors I assumed she would take the tunnel though the jump she took, from my handling, was the one she should have taken.

The third problem was Matilda's.  We had had a good colors run. Then she stopped dead to sniff. There had been several peeings  and a poop out there and with the rain all the normal grass smells smells were even stronger. Finally, I coaxed her over the last jump but we were over time.  Sniffing on course is not a usual  Matilda problem though I have noticed on walks she's more sniffy lately.  I'll have to work on "leave it".

She held all her start line stays again today, and she made her contacts.  I always learn things from trials. I'm glad I went again today.


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