matildasmom (matildasmom) wrote,

CPE in the Rain

We drove to Murrieta for the Temecula Valley CPE Trial in the rain.  The judges were from Ohio and Canada so they weren't overly impressed with the weather, but we Californians thought it was pretty soggy and there were quite a few scatches.  I'm undecided whether or not to drive back tomorrow. Barbara and several of the people in her classes won't be going back.

We did five runs.  The first Standard got off to a bad start .  They told us to go.  I got Matilda into a sit and took off her leash. Then they said to wait. I should have gotten her leash back on, but I had already thrown it. She got up and was all hyped up.  I was thrown. We had two off courses one to a teeter.  I decided not to finish the run.

Our second standard went well. We had  a clean run and got a Level 3 Q and 2nd place.

Next we did a nontraditional Jackpot "The Field of Misfit Obstacles". We did pretty well gathering points. One of the rules was that you couldn't take a tunnel once the buzzer sounded. Matilda did and that ended the game for us.

Next was Snooker.  We got to our third red. After Matilda took it, I meant to wrap her around it to go for a color, but I bungled the wrap and she jumped back over the jump instead. Thant ended Snooker for us.

Last was Jumpers. It was a clean run. I bungled a rear cross and we lost some time, but we got a Level 3 Q and a 4th place.

No video or pictures.  If I go back tomorrow, I'll at least get a picture. Correction. Wendy a new member of our class shot this video and sent it to me. Oh, Matilda held all her start line stays today.

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