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AKC Invitationals 2010

AKC Invitationals 2010

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I had a wonderful time at the AKC Invitationals.  There were so many great dogs and handlers.  Barbara ran one of her student's dogs, a Toy Fox Terrier.  Lynn from my class ran her dog Skipper, a Chihuahua who is not in my class.  It was fun seeing Sassie, and seeing her run Stamp.  There were lots of people I see at trials both CPE and AKC. There were people from all over the country.  There were lots of different kinds of dogs since there were no more than four or five of each breed represented.  Quite a group of Barbara's students were there to watch. Most exciting for me was watching the 20 inch dogs run. I missed them doing the JWW course but saw the Hybrid.  To save time none of the courses were using the Table.  The Hybrid course also had no DogWalk.  Susan Garrett had a great run with Encore. A Japanese Border Collie, Kid also had a great run as did Scarlett, the Labrador Retriever. I took video of Susan Garrett

I watched the finals from way up in the bleachers with Barbara's other students. The Finals were very exciting! I was pretty far away, but here is Susan Garrett's run.


I don't know what went wrong, but after the first off course handler and dog were clearly thrown and then there were two more mistakes.

Here now is Elisa Hirsch's run with Scarlett. It was a brilliant and exciting run.

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    User dinahprincedaly referenced to your post from my sis saying: [...] y from us and she got to go to the AKC Invitational over the weekend and blogged about it here. [...]
  • It was hard to see as the video quality isn't great but it looks like a combination of too stylized handling sending mixed messages to the dog and then when you mess up like that, you are out of position to handle the rest of the course. Even if you are in the right place, the dog gets out of place or balance and not easy to salvage. But, we do go back to the old positional cues vs. using a motion based system. A lot of people thing using positional cues lies to the dog. The chute is a blind obstacle and you can't lie to the dog as to where they're supposed to go because they can't see you when you come out.
    • (Anonymous)
      Sorry the video quality wasn't very good. Thank you for your insight and thoughts on Susan Garrett's run.
  • Actually, it was Kate Moreaux handling Scarlet for Elise who had some sort of injury or something preventing her from running.
    • Thank you. I didn't think the name sounded right from what I had heard, but I saw the name listed on line with Scarlett.
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