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this place is for the birds

Second AKC Trial, Orange Empire Dog Club

Second AKC Trial, Orange Empire Dog Club

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Today Matilda and I went to our second AKC trial.  We got there a little before 11, but it must have been 1:30 or 2 before we ran.  Standard was first.  The course started jump, DW and right away Matilda jumped off the exit missing the contact. It was one of those little dog walks with the short middle section.  I think she also missed the A-Frame contact, but the rest of the run went well.  Matilda did the weaves first time in both Standard and Jumpers. My videoographer didn't push the button hard enough to start the camera for Standard, but here is the Jumpers run.

  • lookin good!
    whats up with her contacts? have you decided on your criteria for the DW? what height is that? preferred?
    • I think it was high excitement. I'll practice with the box tomorrow morning before we go for A-Frame. She should have a two on two off for the DW In class she does fine with the DW and usually gets the A-Frame. I'll work my board tomorrow morning, too.

      I think I'll audit the masters contacts Daisy Peel day of the seminar. $75.

      Matilda jumps 20 inches Preferred. I like the idea of keeping her at 20. What did Dawn mean about Stella being toast if you didn't move her to 20?
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