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this place is for the birds

The Trip Home Continues

The Trip Home Continues

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From Cortez, CO we drove 302 miles to Sedona, AZ. We made a stop at the Four Corners. We shopped and took pictures.

We headed on to Sedona. Actually, we drove right through Sedona which was very touristy and congested. We admired the red rock formations surrounding it as we traveled several miles farther to Oak Creek, AZ also nestled in red rock formations. We checked into our motel just before a downpour that lasted an hour or so. We had a beautiful view from the balcony outside our door.

After the rain.

We had a pizza dinner outside with views of rocks and birds.

  • you seriously make me want to take a road trip across america. which i might hate. but i love the IDEA of it now, after seeing your travelogue.
    • maybe Aoife will go to camp or college in California... which was our excuse for roadtripping America with matildasmom before she was Matilda's mom and she was Tsukis' mom and could not fly her akita east for the summer... but now, my youngest wants to rent a trailor one summer and just go where ever the road beckons... (maybe there's traveler blood in the Irish side of this family? of coourse, she was also the first of the two kids to really like potatos...)
  • my fav part of this post is the before and after (the rain) pix!
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