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Backyard Exercises and Class

Backyard Exercises and Class

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This morning in the daylight Matilda and I worked the rear cross and front cross exercises again.  Some of the rear crosses worked pretty well.  On some of them I was too late on my rear cross and Matilda started to turn right or made a loopy turn.

In class tonight I had a hard time with a sharp left turn off the dogwalk to the tire and then a front cross to the weave poles. She does the poles so well at home, not so well elsewhere. The other challenge for us was a left turn off the A-frame to a jump, moving past a tunnel.

Our second course, one with jumps, tunnels and weaves went pretty well.
  • rearcrossontheflat looks pretty good. Daisy wanted us to move right and start making the turn almost as close to the front jump on the right as we did for the frontcross to that jump so the dogs path is already curving left when you get to the jump in the back... slow and low she said about the lure
    • that way it is really on the flat... at off leash today we're going to practice it without jumps a little
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