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TVAC Trial in Murrieta, CA October 23nd and 24th

TVAC Trial in Murrieta, CA October 23nd and 24th

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These two trial days have been disheartening. I came home today feeling very depressed.  Not much went very well. We did our first Snooker, Level 2, and bombed out of that very quickly.  Matilda took two colors in a row after her second red.  Everything else we're now working on Level 3.

We did get 5 Q's out of our 10 runs:  2 Jumpers,1Standard, a WildCard, and a FullHouse.  And we got a 2nd place in both Jumpers and the Standard.  The other Q's were 4th place.  Our only clean run was the 2nd place Jumpers.  In Jackpot we had lots of points, but we didn't get back to the table in time.  I thought we had Q'd on another Standard, but Matilda must not have made her contact.  When the video comes up I'll have a look at it. We had a terrible Wildcard where Matilda broke her start line stay and later I sent her to the wrong obstacle.  We had a Standard a third Standard where I sent Matilda on a wrong course and I'm still not sure what happened.

I need to work on start ling stays again. I need to be more sure of myself and more assertive and clear in my handling.

I have no video of of my second jumpers or Jackpot.  
  • Thank you. I know all of these trials are and should be learning experiences. As I looked back at the videos I see my blunders, but I also see that not everything was as awful as I felt it was at the end of the day.

    I'll keep working on being a better leader for Matilda.
    • you are nuts! you guys look GOOD! she isn't losing her head out there, she's just taking things wide sometimes, not collecting... she's really trying pretty hard to think and figure out what you want.
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