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this place is for the birds

More of The Trip Home

More of The Trip Home

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On the way back to Cortez from Mesa Verde we stopped at a nursery. 1grammy wanted to pick up some succulent plants. A woman who worked there was trying to catch a hummingbird that had come in the building and then hadn't been able to find its way out.

The hummingbird had been inside for a while the woman said and was getting tired. She had made up some sugar water to feed it if she was able to catch it. Finally, it flew to a fairly low spot and 1grammy gently grabbed it. The nursery woman offered the sugar water to the bird, and after drinking several spoonsful, off it flew.

  • Yayyy, 1Grammy!! How gently and smart of you. Somehow, with all that's going on in the world, this makes me feel hopeful and happy. You three (I'm including Matilda) are superheroes, saving the world one hummingbird at a time. Thank you.
  • this is so amazing... to see a humming bird so calm in and trusting 1grammy 's hand--did she really take sips? what an experience!
    • sips

      If you enlarge the top photo you can just see the tongue sticking out of the beak, sipping, I can see it much more clearly on my iphoto picture because there are more pixels.
    • Re: sips

      Also notice the cobwebs on the birds face. The nursery woman cleaned them off before it flew away.
    • Re: sips

      yes, i bet, you and all your pixels!
  • please remind me to go on vacation with you next summer. i feel like i'm on vacation just reading your journal. love your photographs!
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