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this place is for the birds

First Dog Park Visit Since the Spring

First Dog Park Visit Since the Spring

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A week ago  Bosma came over to the yard  for a play date in my yard. Bosma is Dr. E's very bouncy, pushy 8 month old rottweiler. Matilda kept telling her she was being two wild and pretty soon they settled down into parallel play with Basma checking in with Matilda every once in a while.

Today Chris picked Matilda and me up with  Basma in her car for a trip to the dog park.  In the back seat of the car Basma was all over Matilda licking her face, leaning on her, putting her paws on her.  Matilda didn't seem to really like it, but she didn't complain.  Once at the park Matilda quickly found a tennis ball to play with Chris and me. Basma went off looking for playmates.

It was warm today.  Matilda lay down in a muddy puddle to cool off. I toweled her off  to get into  Chris' car, but I had to hose her off when we got home.  Now she's all curly again.
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