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AKC Trial: Second Day

AKC Trial: Second Day

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We started with Jumpers first again today.  We did very well until the last jump.  I think I was moving out around a jump wing and sent Matilda to an off course jump instead of to the final jumpNQ. Video would have been helpful.

Next we did Standard. We did a nice job working together.  We got a Q and 2nd place.

Finally, we did FAST.  The send was a little harder today.  It was a tunnel to the teeter.  They don't give you a warning when you're getting close to the end of your time. Both yesterday and today we were a couple of seconds over time, but we had enough points to Q anyway.  Today we got a Q and 1st place.

Here is Matilda with her ribbons outside the Industry Hills Expo Center.

And here she is wearing her cooling coat.

  • ok akc warrior---please explain FAST
    • FAST

      On the course the value of each obstacle is marked with a cone. (The point values are also shown on the map.) If there is no cone by the obstacle (usually the single jumps) the obstacle is worth one point. The bonus send part (like the Jackpot in CPE) is marked off with a line. You need to stay outside the line for the bonus which you can take any time. I tried to work my way there quickly as there is no warning when your end time is approaching. There is an end time buzzer. For every second you are in the ring before crossing the finish line after the buzzer you lose a point. You can take each obstacle only once for points except for example yesterday the opposite end of the send tunnel was marked with points so after I did the Bonus Send, I sent Matilda back through the send tunnel for points. You get 20 points for doing the bonus send portion correctly but you also get to add in the value of the individual obstacle within the send portion to your score. Since you don't know exactly when the buzzer is coming it's good to plan cushion points in case you are a few seconds over time. For Novice we needed 50 points.

      Does this make sense? Is it helpful? Did you check out that site that shows course maps?
      • Re: FAST

        what does the finish line look like? a last jump? a sequence?
        • Re: FAST

          It was a last jump. The start line is a long line. You can start anywhere along it.

          On the course map site you can find novice FAST course maps. If you move your browser on the map it enlarges the map so you can see it more easily.
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