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this place is for the birds

Southern Connecticut Agility Team CPE Trial

Southern Connecticut Agility Team CPE Trial

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Friday Dinah, Stella, Matilda and I went to our first day of a three day trial in Hamden, CT . It was just one class in the evening,but we had a chance to get set up for our next two longer days. The Class was a Non-Traditional Jackpot. I should have forgotten about the poles and gone on to the Jackpot. We had the points, but we ran out of time. We got a second place in Level 2, but NQ. I hope I'll know better next time how to manage the time. Today we did Full House (Q and 2nd Place in Level 2), Standard (Q and 2nd Place in level 2 and Wildcard (Q and 4th Place in Level 2). Here is Wildcard. I should have guessed Matilda would still want to take that tunnel that gave us an off course and done a better job guiding.  Except for that it was a good run. Here is our Standard Run, our  best run of the day. Knock wood. So far Matilda has made all her contacts.
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