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TVAC CPE Trial May 22nd and 23rd

The TVAC CPE trial in Winchester/Murrieta, CA May 22nd and 23rd was great fun. I set up next to Barbara, and Jennifer who is also a student in our class.  It was a beautiful day, cool, though quite breezy.  Somebody's EZ-UP blew up the hill. The first run was Fullhouse Level 2 which did not go well. I was very nervous. My stomach was in knots. We started out well, but when I didn't give Matilda clear information at the A-Frame she took off on a zoomie. This was our worst run. She did make her contact on the A-Frame. Our other four runs on Saturday were Jackpot Level 2 in which we got a Q, Standard Level 2 where we got a 4th Place but NQ, Wildcard Level 2 we took 1st Place and a Q, and Jumpers Level 2 we got a Q took a 2nd Place. Here is our Jumpers run. On Sunday I woke up and heard rain. I started rethinking what I would need to bring: slicker, towels, umbrella, warmer clothes. By the time I left the rain had stopped here , but it still looked threatening. I had left my EZ-UP lowered but set up. It was staked, but with the wind I was a little worried it might not be there. Some people had taken the cloth off their frames. It was fine and I was able to get my things set up before any rain. Actually it only rained hard for a short while, but not during my runs. We also had hail. Here's some on Matilda's crate. Eventually the sun came out and it turned into cool, but lovely day. Jennifer got some video of my Sunday runs so I may add them later. We started with Standard Level 2. We got a Q and 2nd Place. In Wildcard Level 2 we got a Q and 2nd Place. Our second Standard mostly went well, but Matilda missed the A-Frame contact. We got a NQ and a 4th Place. We ran from there to our Colors Level 3 run which I hadn't walked. They let me do a quick one time walk through of one of the Colors and then we ran it. We got a Q and 4th Place. Finally we did Jumpers Level 2. We got a Q, no place. It was a really fun day. It was so nice being there with Barbara and Jennifer. Jennifer's mother who is also in our class came by to watch both days, too.

Here is Matilda with her ribbons.


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