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UKI Match in Costa Mesa

UKI Match in Costa Mesa

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Today we did four UKI Match novice runs:  Jumping, Agility, SpeedStakes, and Gamblers.  Both the USDAA Level ll and UKI Beginner/Novice seemed more challenging than CPE Level 2. Here are the UKI Maps. We didn't get any Q's, but I think we did OK.  She had clean runs in both Agility (Standard) and Jumpers both of which had12, 24 inch spaced poles which she has never seen before.  Poles in a new place are always hard for her. The poles took her way over time.  In Speed Stakes (just jumps and tunnels) she had a really good time 36.6 with a course time of 48, but she had 1 off course. I think she went out too far over a jump before I got her turned to the next jump. You can't have any faults in Speed Stakes. In Gamblers I was again avoiding the A-Frame. We were short 2 point in the first part, but she got the gamble which I had to send her to do at a distance. I think it was a good experience.  I think it's good for both of us to work in new places on different equipment. I did get someone to video the Agility run. She popped out half way through the poles.  I wasn't sure where so I started her again. There were other places where we lost time, too. The man in the foreground is the man who took all the pictures of Matilda.
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