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The match was in a very nice park in Costa Mesa with lots of big shade tress so I didn't need to get out my new Sports Brella.

After the judge's briefing about all three courses the first run started at about 2:45.  The Champion and Preferred ll courses were exactly the same except for jump and A-Frame heights.

On the Standard run Matilda did the first two jumps and the chute, but she dropped the bar on jump 4.  Then she went on and took the tunnel, the tire, jump 7,  the teeter, and jump nine.

After first going by the pole entrance we went back and she did the poles beautifully.  Then at jump 11 the bar was down.  I didn't know what to do and Matilda certainly didn't know what to do. She went on to the tunnel.  I asked the judge if I should go back through the jump.  She said no, she'd gone on to the next obstacle. It took a moment for us to get working together again. We did the dog walk, table, jump 15 and the A-Frame which she did running but with too many steps going down.  She needs more practice with the box and then fading of the box.  Then she took jumps 17, 18, and 19. 

I need to practice with Matilda going through jumps where the bar is down. We've  never had that experience before.

The Jumpers course seemed tricky, but it went pretty smoothly and we Q'd.  I started with Matilda on my right for jumps 1,2, and 3, sent her to the tunnel,  did a front cross at the end of tunnel 4 and sent her around the pinwheel jumps 5, 6, 7, did a front cross after 7 and sent her over jump 8 to the tunnel 9, sent her over jump 10 and rear crossed to jump 11, 12, and 13.  From jump 13 I sent her right tunnel, I ran from jump 13 to the back side of jump 15 and called her from the tunnel, rear crossed jump16, and sent her over 17.

Gamblers was a mess.  I had decided to not do the A-Frame unless I had to.  I started on the tire and sent Matilda to the tunnel.  Instead she started up the A-Frame. Instead of letting her take it I called her off and sent her to the tunnel.  We took the tire, the chute, the jump, and started to the Dog Walk when the whistle blew.  We headed to the Gamble.  I got her over jump 1 and called her to me but then had a hard time getting her back over into the tunnel. I finally did, but our time ran out.

I was very nervous when I started the Standard round today.  Again, I was concerned about getting someone to do video.  I was going to ask my classmate, but she offered last minute to help in the ring.  I was going to ask another woman I had met before (also a student of Barbara's), but just before I did she got up and said, "Well, I guess I'll go walk the jumpers."  I should have spent the time focusing on Matilda. She was very sniffy before the first run which is very unlike her normal behavior.  Maybe picking up on my nerves.  Also the two practice jumps had no 22' setting which wasn't very helpful.

Tomorrow I'll ask Lyn way ahead if she'll video my runs and then put it out of my head.
  • why do video if it stresses you? for me? for yourself? for analysis later? for LJ? just a record? is it worth the stress? seems like its not... do whats best for your run
  • It's good to be able see what what you are doing or have done, but you're right it's not worth it if if causes stress.
  • Looking at the second day video I can see how Matilda slows down half way across the dog walk. I'll either have to work on motivating her to keep going fast all the way to the stop or work on a running dog walk, same with the teeter, but I worry about a running teeter. I can see how I pulled Matilda off one of the jumps she missed by turning too abruptly left. Video is helpful. It's just worrying about finding someone to do it that's not good. This summer if we aren't running back to back we can help each other out.
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