matildasmom (matildasmom) wrote,

Running A-Frame Private Lesson

Tonight was good.  We started at the lower height and reviewed.  We started with her at the top of the down side, then moved her back to a sit from the up side. Then I started her from a table to the Frame.  Then we moved the height up to 5' 3''.  She did fine with all of this.  Barbara took the legs off the top bar of the box. Then I sent her over a jump with a right turn to the A-Frame and then on to a tunnel.  Next we started from the foot of the Dog Walk over a jump and to the A-Frame and to the tunnel.  Finally we did the whole Dog Walk, jump, A-Frame, tunnel.  Every time she had a  good stride and landed squarely in the box. The last thing Barbara moved the box to the other side of the A-Frame and had her go from the tunnel to the Frame.  This time she landed in the box, but her stride was off, too many steps.  She may have been tired.  She had done a lot of A-Frames and now it was at a higher height.  Also she was moving into a light which was quite close on the building. Anyway she's making good progress.

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