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this place is for the birds

We had a good class.  We did two  sequences.  The…

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We had a good class.  We did two  sequences.  The first was all jumps, weaves, and tunnels.  In the second we added in all the contacts.  We're working better and better together.  Matilda's really sticking with me.  When there's a foul up, usually my fault, we very quickly get back on track.

We tried running the A-Frame, but it didn't go too well.  The Frame was much higher than we had been working it in our private lessons.  It really threw Matilda. We have a private lesson Thursday evening.  We'll see how that goes.
  • hmmm why was it higher in class?

    seems the more work you do with her the seriouser she be taking you! yay!
    • In the private lessons to teach the box method we put the A-Frame down to four ft something. In class it was at normal height of five ft six I think. Tomorrow in the private I hope we can work on slowly increasing the angle from the lower height to a normal height.
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