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Running A-Frame

Running A-Frame

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We had our second private on the running A-Frame.  We started again with Barbara holding Matilda, now a little higher on the down side of the A-Frame.  I started from different positions next to the A-Frame and on both sides, sending her to "hit it".  Then we added some motion from me, starting running from different places next to the A-Frame.  In all of these she had one fly off which was my fault because I threw her toy before she even got to the box, crazy me.

Next I put her in a it stay on the entry side of the A-Frame and I walked to the apex. I released her and called "hit it". We did a few more of these adding motion from me, until I was running with her. Next, we added a jump with a turn back to climb and "hit it". Finally, we added two jumps in a 180  turning back to the A-Frame. She did one just right, then the next time which was going to be the last time she did a leap off.  We did one more starting from behind one jump so we could end on a good one.  Barbara said she thought she was doing an excellent job.

In class Barbara said she'll put the box on the A-Frame.  She said her dog Seeker could use the reinforcement and another dog, too. I have class on Tuesday and I'm coming for another private on Thursday evening.

At home on the flat we can work on handling after the box.
  • My Box Grid Video

    I notice in my grid video I rewarded one run where Matilda hit the frame.

    In the lesson with Barbara she told me to hold the ball in the hand away from Matilda so it is reward, not lure.

    Edited at 2010-04-04 08:23 pm (UTC)
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