matildasmom (matildasmom) wrote,

Rachel Sander's Box Lesson

Today we had a half hour private lesson with Barbara to work on the Rachel Sanders box on the A-Frame for the first time.  We'd been doing pretty well using the box with jumps on the flat at home.

First we lowered the A-Frame somewhat.  Barbara attached the box to the yellow section of the frame.  On the higher end the box had little feet making it an inch or an inch and a half higher than the lower end.  We took Matilda up over the apex of the A-Frame and Barbara held her.  I stepped a few feet away from the frame, called "Ready.....hit it."  Barbara released Matilda and when she landed four feet in the box, I threw Matilda's toy.

She showed no inclination to stop and touch and the first two times she landed perfectly in the box and then out.  On her third and fourth times she launched from the blue and got no toy.  We moved her starting point down closer to the box and she returned to pouncing into the box and then out to get her toy.  We continued working this from a stationary point from both sides of the A-Frame.

Tomorrow we go back again for another lesson.

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