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Today we went out to Riverside to work on a practice test for the the DELTA  therapy dog renewal.  The wife of the couple, Elizabeth Hall, whose house I went to needs to renew with their big golden.  Her husband, Lewis, renewed a year ago.  Another woman came with a 12 week old golden puppy she's raising for  guide dog training.  She has another dog she needs to renew.

The Halls have two other dogs, one a very old Lab, the other a 15 month old Lab, they're raising for guide dog training. Matilda was fine with the young pup, but the 15 month pup drove her crazy.  Finally I just put Matilda on a down while we talked about the test.

Here are some things for me to remember for the test.

I should be sure to take Matilda for a pee before going in.

The brush I bring should be clean, no hair in it.

I should bring a non favorite toy, one without a squeak.

Before the test I should tell them I like to have her offered a treat in a flat hand.

During the test I should role play.  As I walk I should pretend to greet people as if in a hospital.

When they do the physical exams, the gentle and the rough one, it's OK for me to kneel down beside Matilda and reassure her.

When I change from Matilda's leash to the long line and then back to her leash, put two leashes on and then pull off the second one so she is never without a leash. Put her leash around my neck.  Keep hold of the long leash when I recall her.  Take her back to the starting box in the long line carefully so neither of us gets tangled and then change back to the Matilda's leash.

Always keep a loose leash.

If I have to tell her "leave it" for the toy be sure to say it in a friendly up beat voice.

I don't think I need to bring the long line, but maybe I will.

We  need to work on adult group hugs and getting bumped from behind.

When we got back we went straight to the Pooch Park.  As a fundraiser they were taking pictures with the Easter Bunny and selling toys and other things.  I bought a toy and Matilda had her picture taken.  Then we went to the Pooch Park where she really did pretty well.

Matilda with the Easter Bunny on her Birthday


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