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this place is for the birds

The Trip Home

The Trip Home

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1grammy and I had seven days for our trip. We wanted to spend some time seeing the sights in Colorado so we had to really burn it the first three days. The first day we drove 666 miles to Columbus, Ohio. !grammy was able to have a quick visit there with her son.

Our second day we drove 663 miles to Independence, MO. President Truman was in the lobby.

Next to the motel they had a great ice cream place. Matilda had her first cone.

The following day was our longest yet. We drove 771 miles in a 12 hour day to Alamosa,CO. From there we went to The Great Sand Dunes National Park, an amazing place. The huge dunes cover more than 330 square miles. The tallest dune in the park is 750ft. Matilda and I didn't climb that far, but we climbed high enough to get the feeling of being somewhere in the Sahara.

It was really hot.

The motel in Alamosa was our favorite. They put out dog treats in the lobby and had a pet park in the back.

To be continued..........
  • the Matilda-friendly hotel looks amazing... and YOU are almost as cute as your dog!!!! well... you are as cute... are those sand dunes-- beach? desert?
    • sand dunes

      There are several climates in the Park. The dunes themselves are desert. As you can see in one picture the sand is wet at the bottom. There's a stream running through. Kids had made sand castles. The mountains around are alpine tundra. The sand has been formed by the freezing and thawing of the rock in the mountains over millions of years. It's moved by wind and streams against the mountains.
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