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this place is for the birds

My Last Weekend in Connecticut

My Last Weekend in Connecticut

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A week ago Saturday my friend 1grammy, Matilda's "Auntie" flew into New York from California. Matilda and I picked her up at the Southbury,Connecticut Limo stop. Matilda was ecstatic.

My friend spent a few days with us at the lake before our long journey home. Saturday my sister, my niece, 1grammy, and I went to the Goshen 4H Fair. Matilda came along. We weren't sure if she would be allowed in. We found a shady place to park in case Matilda had to stay in the car,
and then I walked her onto the fair grounds. No one said anything. In fact there were quite a few dogs walking around. There was even a dog care exhibit.

Dogs weren't allowed in some of the exhibits. We took turns seeing the birds and the rabbits.

We enjoyed the cows. This one looked as though it was wearing earings.

After the fair we went to a wine tasting at a local vineyard.

Sunday 1grammy and I drove to to a nearby Connecticut town to have lunch with 1grammy's mom and stepdad.

We returned to the lake for the final event of our weekend, dinner at The Pub. We ended our meal with three brownies a la mode and one cheese cake.
  • so, even with the looooooooooong stressful To Do lists that somehow seem to grow longer and healthier the moment you trim things off them... it was worth the trip?

    glad you all got back safe ...looking forward to your posts of the trip home
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