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February 13-14 CPE Trial in Escondido, CA

February 13-14 CPE Trial in Escondido, CA

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This weekend Matilda and I went to our second agility trial,an UPS N DOWNS AGILITY CLUB CPE Trial in Escondido, CA. It was really exciting. I dreamed that we would have success, but really didn't know how it would go. Saturday was amazing. Matilda worked with me, stayed with me. We got Q's for our two Standard runs and for Jumpers and Colors as well. We also got a first and two third place ribbons. The video below is from the second Standard run. The false start at the beginning had nothing to do with us. I never knew what the problem was.

I had to get Matilda back to do the weave poles, but that's allowed in Level 2 without a fault. She's very slow on the contacts. We need to work on these, but after our experience at our first trial in Murrieta, this was wonderful. In the Wildcard run Matilda didn't take the first jump. It was a wing jump and she may just have been following me. That through me completely. I guess the clock hadn't started and I could have started again. Anyway the run just fell apart. But Colors and Jumpers went well.

Sunday was different. We managed to finish the first Standard run, but it was messy. There were lots of faults. Our second Standard run was a disaster in the mode of the Murrieta trial. I hit the post of the first jump with my hand and knocked it over. I lost Matilda at the weaves and couldn't get her back. Here are two snippets from that run.

That was the worst. I decided maybe I was getting stressed and was passing this on to her. I decided not to go find videographers. I decided that was adding to my stress. I decided I would just try to have fun. Next came Wildcard which we Q'd with no faults and took a third. Colors she did beautifully until the last jump where she just stopped coming toward me in front of the jump. Finally, I coaxed her over and we Q'd with no faults and took a third. If she had taken that last jump the run would have been really fast. I don't know what made her stop.

The last run was Jumpers. I thought we did it pretty well most of the way. We had ten faults. I can't remember what they were. We got a third place anyway.

We were both exhausted after the first day. We were at the trial at 6:30 in the morning and didn't finish until 7:30 or so. Matilda went out like a light in the motel. I wonder if that influenced her lack of focus the second day. Actually the second day wasn't really a total mess. We had some successes. We got two Q's.

Matilda's barking wasn't so bad at the trial. I was able to get her to stop pretty easily when she started. That was good. The trial really was a great experience. We had success, but again it was a learning experience.

Here is Matilda with her ribbons: at the Trial with some of her ribbons, and at home with all of them.

  • you might consider just doing one day next time... she might have thought one was enough and just didn't have the reserves yet for the second day... its all a new experience for her and maybe total success in one day, until she gets used to the intense trial experience is the best introduction... I think thats what we're going to do at first... just one day a few times
  • did you save your trial course maps?
    maybe you could post them and for beginners like us, describe the games?
  • yay matil!
  • Ribbons - WOW

    Those ribbons put Buster the "Fun City Kitty" to shame - you will need to get a special cabinet for all of them!
    Congratulations to both of you!!!
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