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Two Very Dfferent Classes

Two Very Dfferent Classes

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Last week's class was great. Our sequences flowed smoothly, and we were fast. Last night's class had some good moments, but had some good lessons for me, too. I came to class directly from our faculty meeting. When I arrived I put Matilda in her crate so I could help move contacts. The Monday 5:30 class always helps set up the course for that week. Then we started walking the course. I hadn't walked Matilda or played with her. When our turn came, part way through the sequence, when I messed up om my handling, she took off on a zoomie which she hasn't done in ages. That gave me a scare. But it reminded me this weekend, I'll need to exercise her, and play with her, and work with her before we run.
  • good job matilda--giving liza a warning before the weekend!!!!!!

    so how did you get her back?
    did she then stick with you after that?
    what was the screw up?
    what was the course like?

    do you know how to play all the cpe games?
    is there a buzzer/bell in jackpot for the closing sequence? is there a set opening sequence before you rack up points?
    have you been working on distance sends?
    • I really just let her run it out.

      There were four jumps to the dog walk. She did a really nice sharp right turn off the dog walk into the tunnel. When she came out of the tunnel I wasn't thinking and had both my hands out. I realized it right afterward. When I got her back I put her back into the tunnel and went on from there. The next time we ran it, we were fine.

      CPE games: I've not done Snooker. This coming trial is two Standard runs, Wildcard, Colors, and Jumpers both days. These are the less complicated games. At the first trial we did Fullhouse and Jackpot. I've forgotten what the signal was. Are you going to a trial soon do you think?

      That one night we worked on distance sends in class. I do distance sends around trees on walks. I should do them in my yard, too. It will be easier now with more open space.
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