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this place is for the birds

Fun Show and Go at Lynmark Dog Sports in Riverside, CA

Fun Show and Go at Lynmark Dog Sports in Riverside, CA

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We went to a Show and Go fun run this morning at Lynmark Dog Sports Center in Riverside. It wasn't very busy so we got in five runs by noon. I forgot to ask someone to video the first two runs. The first run she didn't hold her sit stay and then ran by the tire. The rest of the run wasn't too bad. The second run she held the sit stay but later had a refusal at the jump after the A-Frame. Judge Mark Upshaw explained it was a refusal because she went off track and I didn't get her back on track in the last 1/3 of the distance between the A-Frame and the jump. The rest of that run went well. Our time was 76.18. The last three runs I have on video. I put up the other video, but it disappeared. Mark was very helpful. My time on the last one was 68. He said it was a Q.
  • Yay Liza! Looks good
    • you really GOT her that time! What did you do different? did you play with her first? your voice is also lower... and the judge is so helpful and encouraging!
      • He really was helpful. He suggested not taking the lead out at the beginning. He said he avoids a lead out if he can, then you're running with your dog at the start. He had me angle her so even with with wing jump she could move with me and then turn to the tire.
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