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Reading to Matilda

Reading to Matilda

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Yesterday Matilda had a chance to visit with her favorite kind if people, kids. During this past school year Matilda had had a chance to have my Kindergartners read aloud to her. I asked the librarian at Gunn Memorial Library if she would liked to set up a time for kids to read to Matilda at the library. I had Matilda in the car and brought her into the library for a quick introductory visit. Matilda was her usual, friendly self, greeting adults and children alike with wagging tail and kisses. The librarian agreed it would be a great idea. Yesterday was her first of two visits to listen to young readers.

Matilda seemed to listen carefully to this girl who read very quietly to her.

While this girl read her friend listened.

This girl seemed very comfortable with Matilda.

Mom read to her little guy while Matilda listened attentively.

Sister wanted to read to Matilda. Brother preferred just to pet her.

This girl came early. She's anxious to get a dog, a labradoodle in fact.

This boy didn't want to read to Matilda, but he did want to pet her.

Matilda will be back to listen to more readers on Thursday.
  • This is the nicest livejournal entry in history. It would make a sweet book just like this. It made me smile and then get teary, I don't know why. But something about the way Matilda looks with the kids is just very touching and sweet. Giver her a head pat for me.
    • Matilda listening to kids read

      Thanks for your comment. I would love to write a book about Matilda.
  • although i have not actually met matilda, i think i may actually love her.
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