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CPE Day Two

CPE Day Two

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I start off by trying to upload the video from yesterday that I tried to load yesterday. These were views of partial runs.

This was the Standard Level 2 where Matilda ran to Chris.

This is Jumpers. The first half had gone well, but from where Chris was she couldn't see it.

This is Jackpot. She ran away part way through.

I had such a hard time getting Matilda to come to be able to take her from the ring I left my treat pouch hanging on the Jackpot ring EZ-UP. Fortunately it was still there today.

I don't have video of us today. Our neighbor Ares the black poodle's mom agreed to video, bu then they were short helpers at the ring and to get things rolling she offered to be the scribe. So I decided to go without video.

We did Jumpers, Colors, and Jackpot. They were messy, but we finished all three. We did two Standard runs. I gather I could have, should have finished them, but I guess I thought the buzzer was ending the runs. Parts of both of those runs were good, but when we got disconnected Matilda went into a sort of freeze and it took quite a bit of time to get her to reconnect. At the end of Jumpers, Colors and my first Standard runs Matilda played her catch me if you can game. I decided I would try to end this. I worked on taking her collar/leash off on off on treating each time. I also did leash length recalls over and over treating each time. I also took some time for massage and used peanut butter for stress barking. For my Jackpot run and my second Standard run she came to me right away and we left the ring.

Though there was no second day video of me, i took some of one of my neighbors. She packed up and then had her Rhodesian Ridgeback haul her gear away.

The second day of our first trial there were no ribbons or Q's, but I felt better than the first day. Trials are clearly very stressful for Matilda. They're different from running sequences in class or doing fun runs. Yesterday just felt like a disaster. I wondered whether we could do this. Today I see steps toward progress, ways to help Matilda and me with stress. One of the judges noted to my neighbor when she was scribing and later to me that Matilda was doing better and better each run today.
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