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this place is for the birds

Backyard Agility

Backyard Agility

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I decided to open a youtube account for agility. Next time I'll get someone else to shoot it. This is just a test.

There was a little too much emphasis on the treat bag.  I'll need to learn how to edit. 

  • I love the treatbag in the video... the treatbag IS very important
    • Treat Bag and Value of Video

      You're right. It's just that it was an accident because the camera was still running and I needed to treat. I wish I had had some video to see before this. I can see what Barbara means about my voice. I sound very stressed and I'm sure I communicate that to Matilda. Lowering my voice pitch might help me be more conscious of my stress and help me work against it. Part of my stress this time was probably trying to video while running, but still I'll bet the stress is usually there to one extent or another.
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