matildasmom (matildasmom) wrote,

Class with Terri

We started off working four poles to work entrances.  Four poles or more she calls "poles" or "weave".  She only works an even number so that the exit is from the correct  side.  In one training session she only works the poles from one side so the dog doesn't get confused about where he/she should be entering from.  Also for this reason she had us bring our dogs back to the side of the poles we were working on  by moving them on the outside of us.  We're between them and the poles.  If they were on the poles side, they should feel that they ought to be taking the poles.

We each did the poles four times, twice with our dog on our left, twice on the right.  First we were in a fairly straight line with the poles, 12:00 position, then with a more difficult entrance, 2:00 or 3:00, 9:00 or 10:00 off to the sides.  We threw a toy off at the end to reward and keep them looking forward at the end.

Matilda did a good job.  I was thrilled she came back to me each time with her kong toy after each of our four pole runs.

Next we did a short sequence involving poles, 12 poles this time.  It was jump, dog walk, tunnel with a not in line left side entrance, jump, weave poles, to a jump off to the right, and finally to another tunnel.  I did a front cross after the dog walk to get her to the tunnel entrance.   We had to do the poles a couple of times to get the entrance, then she did them fine. Then we got the jump and the tunnel.

Good class.


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