matildasmom (matildasmom) wrote,

Private with Terri


I wanted to work the A-frame, teeter, and loss of connection with Matilda during sequences.

We did two sequences.  The first one went fine. The second one I forgot a jump and sent Matilda to the tunnel.  She went fine.  If I had gone with that we would have been fine.  Instead I groaned.  Matilda picked up on it, probably thought she had done something wrong and disconnected before the final jump. I could really feel the disconnect happen and could see it was because I was sending her confused signals.

To help keeping Matilda connected Terri suggested giving rewards during sequences  at unpredictable times.

Matilda did the A-frame, got to the top, and pussy footed down.  We put the A-frame lower.  Terri found a target and set it away fro the jump further than usual.  Matilda did much better. 

We talked about learning a running contact on the A-frame using a pvc pipe frame 36"by 42".  At the corners should be a three way connector with little plastic straps so you can bungee the frame onto the A-frame. On the ground we shaped Matilda jumping into the box , clicking, throwing a treat in the box and throwing a treat out of the box. There's no release word to get out of the box.

We talked about the  dog walk.  Terry said I was baby sitting her too much at the bottom.  I should stop different places. Treat her but then step away and not release her. Then finally release her.

We did the tire to the teeter to a jump.  She did the sequence and teeter fine.  When she had me start more to the side, Matilda skipped the tire.  We did this several more times with me standing at different places on my lead out for the tire.  Also she had me call the tire as I released her.


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