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Play with me. Work with me.

Matilda's fantastic sit stay this afternoon in front of a jump is not the usual behavior I see.  I have to find ways to get her to keep her focus with me while doing agility.  She loves agility, can hardly wait for her turn, but when her turn comes she resists holding the start line sit and later when the sequence ends or there's a break in the sequence to fix something, off she goes. I have an easier time now than I used to getting her back with me, but this is still a big problem.

Two good ideas to remember from classes this week. 
1.  From Terri on Tuesday:  have two toys.  If she takes off with one have an even better one in reserve to lure her back.  The Two Toy Game

2.  From Judy on Wednesday:  Be careful what you reward.  Don't just reward her with a toy when she runs off and then comes back. Then running off becomes a fun thing to do.  Reward the obstacles and short sequences within the longer one so that they all have value.

I get stressed when she doesn't sit stay or when she takes off during a sequence or I think she might take off.  When I'm not at agility class I need to find ways for her to practice staying engaged with me, having her enjoy staying engaged with me. I need to build confidence that she will stay with me, play with me, work with me.

Fun Ways to Stay Engaged:  Tricks and Games

  • go left
  • go right
  •  back up
  • paw
  • high five
  • bow
  • roll over
  • perch
  • jump over arms
  • tug
  • retrieve
  • two toy retrieve
  • hide and seek
  • recall
  • recall with hide and seek
  • go to mat
  • give me a break
  • whiplash turns
  • go to crate/ come out of crate
  • doggie zen
  • leave it
  • look at that
  • off-switch game
  • speak/ quiet
  • agility obstacles: jumps, weaves, tunnel (as singles or in sequence)
  • sit stays/sit stays with jumps
  • sit stays with toys/ sit stays with jumps and toys
  • I'm gonna get your butt
  • fun stalking, tail, toe grabbing, growl, push her gently, blow in her face


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