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this place is for the birds

9:00 AM 15 Minute Work Out

9:00 AM 15 Minute Work Out

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I took Matilda out on her 16 foot leash. I threw her toys for her.  Sometimes I let her run right away.  Sometimes I made her wait in a sit stay until I released her to go after her toy. She was good about bringing her toy back and giving it up for a treat. We did some tug games, too. I did this quite a few times and then I did a few without the leash.  She still did a good job coming back and giving up her toy.  I did a couple of recalls without the toy.  I didn't want to do too many.  I didn't go for too long without the leash.  I wanted to quit while she was doing well.

 I put the leash back on and sat her in front of a jump.  I took a lead out in front of the jump and came back to reward her several times. I also tried releasing her to her toy at the start line from her sit stay.  Then I took the leash off.  I left her on a sit stay in front of the jump.  I went back to reward her for holding a sit a few times and then released her over the jump.

We'll try some more of this later.

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