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Control Unleashed: Class Six

Control Unleashed: Class Six

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I asked Barbara and Kienan to watch Matilda walk.  They didn't think she was limping, but they thought she was walking differently on her right front leg.  I agreed with them. 

In class tonight we helped each out with problems as we had last week.  Matilda and I approached dog reactive dogs while their owners gave them treats. There was a dog that was people shy. People approached this dog without dogs while his owner treated.  Barbara and I walked our dogs on either side of the orange fence while treating.  At one place on the fence Kienan noticed Matilda kept pulling out.  She said I should treat more heavily there.  I watched some dog/handler teams taking jumps and tunnels and gave Matilda peanut butter.  Finally, Kienan had me work with two different people to help Matilda get used to tight spaces.  She had me sit Matilda at my side while the first person came and stood on the other side of her while I gave treats.  We then walked forward with Matilda between us.  As long as I kept up the treats she was fine.  Without the treats she pulled out.  We did the same exercise with the second person
  • whats the difference between "walking differently" and "limping" or favoring a leg?
    Stiff vs Pain?

    Stella really stretches and stretches every morning after she comes out of her crate and I'm wondering whether the crate is too small and she wouldn't need to stretch so much if she coud stretch out more... but a bigger crate, well, we might as well get her her own apartment?
  • They thought she seemed to be holding her right foot differently, moving it differently.
  • They thought she seemed to be holding her right foot differently, moving it differently.

    Matilda does a lot of stretching in the morning, too.
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