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Control Unleashed: Class Five

Control Unleashed: Class Five

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The class was very helpful tonight. Considering Matilda's injury, she was probably a little more active than she ought to have been, but she didn't do any jumping or climbing.  We'll really take it easy tomorrow.  We did  the usual things:  massage and sending dogs to and from mats. Then we worked on individual dogs' problems. When a dog ran across the dog walk Matilda began to bark.  Kienan sent me for the peanut butter.  She set me up to work next to a dog taking jumps.  I put a big glob of peanut butter in Matilda's mouth. The peanut butter kept her busy, calm, and quiet while the dog took jumps right in front of her. Kienan said to use the peanut butter in agility class.  I'll have to figure out just the right amount to give her so she doesn't have a mouthful when it's her turn to work.  Last class I had brought peanut butter, but it turned out to be too liquid to use.  This time I brought a stickier type.  Now, I'll need to work on a better delivery system.  She was covered with peanut butter when I got home.  We had some clean up to do.

The other interesting thing we worked on was Matilda's space issue.  I hadn't really been aware she had an issue, but now that I think about it, I remember Barbara saying one or two times in class that I was working too close to Matilda, that I was pushing her out. I think it was at the weave poles.  Anyway tonight Kienan had me walk back and forth near a dog on the other side of an orange netting fence. Matilda was fine when I was near the fence, but when she was between me and the fence, she tried to pull out.  Kienan asked me to walk her around Barbara's dog Seeker who was in her crate. Again Matilda was reluctant to walk between me and the crate.  Kienan took Matilda and me to the wall the surrounds Barbara's yard to work.  I was to stand with her near to the wall and give her treats.  I walked down the wall with her between me and the wall giving lots of treats.  As soon as we walked away from the wall the treats stopped. I varied my walking pattern, but whenever Matilda was between me and the wall she got treats. We tried something else. Kienan had me sit Matilda at my side.  Kienan came and stood on the other side of Matilda.  Matilda scooted back.  Kienan said I should work with a friend standing on her other side while I give her treats until she's comfortable sitting between two people. Some dogs just don't like being in tight situations where they feel trapped Kienan said.
  • i love the mouth full of peanutbutter distraction idea!
  • peanut butter

    This is a great idea...

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