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Control Unleashed Class Four

Most of the people in this class seem to have dogs that are reactive to other dogs.  We did a lot of moving in and around other dogs on mats, on sit stays.The border collie I worked with two weeks ago worked inside the corral with Barbara and her corgi on the outside.  The woman with the pit bull I worked with before in the corral worked with Matilda and me again, this time outside the corral.  First she and her dog approached us from behind, turned and went away. She did this a few times. Then Matilda and I approached her and then turned away.  We did the same thing again, this time running.  Next we approached each other head on a number of times, first slowly, then more quickly.  Finally, we approached each other and stopped to greet as in the DELTA or CGC tests.

Matilda's problem is more being over stimulated by the situation, being at agility class or being at Fun Show and Go Agility Trial. She has a hard time relaxing for massage,  Kienan suggested not talking to her ( which may be too stimulating) and throwing a handful of treats on her mat to calm her. To interrupt barking she suggested putting sticky peanut butter in her mouth (not offering it to her, but putting it in her mouth).  I'll try the peanut butter at class Monday.

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