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Control Unleashed: Class Three

Control Unleashed: Class Three

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After massage, Kienan put a dog reactive Border Collie in the corral working on focus near the fence.  She had several of us walk back and forth just outside the fence. Next Barbara went into the corral with her Corgi to work on focus.  Matilda and I joined them in the corral.  I worked on sending Matilda  to her bed from different places in the corral. Then Barbara and her dog left the corral.  Matilda and I worked on focus while another team worked on going to mat.  Outside the corral several teams were working on sit stays close together. They moved in and out to their dogs as distractions to the other dogs.  I went out of the corral to work on massage with Matilda. She still has a hard time relaxing at Barbara's.  Kienan had me put Matilda in her crate and work with a woman and her Pit bull in the corral.  First, from outside the crate, I squeaked a toy while she tried to keep her dog's focus.  Then,I moved inside the corral, squeaked the toy while the woman tried to regain her dog's focus. Next she released her dog to come play with me with the toy, then called him back to her and rewarded him. Finally, she released him to go to me with the squeaky toy and he wouldn't even go.  He started to go to the squeaky toy but returned to her for a treat.

While I was working in the corral with the woman and her dog, Matilda was  in her crate, barking. When I came out of the corral I worked on rewarding her for quiet in the crate. She quieted down and did better staying quiet when I moved away from her while she remained in the crate.  Next we worked on sending our dogs into their crates, calling or releasing them out and then sending them in. Then half of the people put their dogs in their crates and worked on distracting the dogs, calling them, squeaking toys, offering food as we called our dogs from their crates and then sent them back. I can work on this some more at home.  Matilda came out of her crate when a woman stood in front of me and called to her.
  • What happened with the dog reactive Border Collie?

    Interested for Obvious Reasons!!!
    • Border Collie

      She did fine. Her owner/ trainer clicked and treated her peanut butter off a spoon, even putting some on the dog's nose. The dog stayed calm.
  • so with all the CU classes... what changes have you seen in Matilda outside CU class? at home, on walks, in agility?
    • At home and in the neighborhood Matilda had begun barking back at barking dogs. I am better able to get her focused back on me and quiet. In agility she is keeping better focus on me although we're still having trouble with start line sit stays. Some days are better than others.
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