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Control Unleashed: Class Two

Control Unleashed: Class Two

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There was only one person from my first class.  The other people had taken the beginning class at an earlier time. We started with massage.  Matilda has a very hard time relaxing in that very exciting setting and with dogs all around, new dogs, too.  Next, we alternated between active attention exercises and massage. Then,  we brought the mats in closer together and worked on sending our dogs to their mats.  Kienan came around to distract them. Next we worked half the group at a time. Half the dogs were in their crates.  I'm working on rewarding Matilda for being quiet in her crate. The dogs that were holding a down on their mats were tempted with treats and toys squeaked and dangled in their faces. Two of the dogs had special work with all of us walking by them without eye contact. The new exercise was sending our dogs over a jump to their mats.The half of us who were working set our dogs up in a sit in front of a jump.  A little further back than the landing spot we set out the mat. People came around to distract them in the sit, then we sent them over the jump to the mat.  I need to work on this exercise.  Matilda has a hard time holding the start line sit. She gets too excited. I think seeing that the exercise ends on the mat will help her.
  • It sounds like she's doing amazingly well. I've never really trained a dog beyond sit, shake, hush, and get off the god damn couch, so seeing how you work with Matilda is really an eyeopener. And I love the name of this class: Control Unleashed. It sound like Matilda is studying to be a Zen Master (Mistress?) and in a way, I guess she is.
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