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Private Class

Private Class

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The class was good.  Barbara said, "Today we're working on flow."  The first sequence was an easy one:  two jumps spaced, a close left into the tunnel, on to the chute, left to two wing jumps. This went very smoothly for us.  Next we started with the two wing jumps, sent her to the chute, layering a jump and moving right to the tunnel, front cross out of the tunnel to the jump I had layered near the chute earlier. At first she wasn't taking the chute.  I guess I wasn't looking at the chute. We tried it again and were able to get it.  Next we worked on a harder sequence. We started with a serpentine to a fourth jump, then to the jump near the tunnel, and into the tunnel. I led out the first jump to a pivot turn to the second jump, I ran between the second and the third jumps, did a front cross, sent her over the third and fourth jumps, did a front cross, sent her over the jump near the tunnel and into the tunnel.  This took some work, but we got it. As Barbara pointed out, when I felt confident about what I was doing, we did fine.
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