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Kennels and Stomach Torsion

Kennels and Stomach Torsion

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Last week I was talking with ndozo about a veterinarian and kennel where my Akita dog Tsuki had stayed some years ago.

When I came to pick her up, she clearly was not well.. I talked to the vet there who said I should take her right to the emergency veterinary hospital in the next town. She had stomach bloat and torsion. She would only survive with surgery. I told them to do the surgery. She was ten then and lived another four years. ndozo said that was odd. Her dog also had bloat after staying at a kennel. I had been reading the book "Marley and Me", the author's story about living with a very wild though lovable yellow lab. This week I finished the book.

I was surprised to read that Marley also got stomach bloat and torsion while staying at a kennel-veterinarian. The author has received a lot of email from people with their dog stories. http://www.marleyandme.com/share/index.cgi

  • your spelling of vet makes me think maybe you've been on the CT wine trail too long?
  • This is really disturbing. My poor dog was basically fine when I dropped him off and a complete basket case when I picked him up. We had to carry him. i wonder if there is more research on this. If there is, we should add our stories, and if not, maybe we can figure out a way to get some started. I'm sorry about Tsuki

    I don't know how to put photos in replies but if you want to see pix of my nice old dog here are two.

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/axlotl/73388253/ (happy dog)

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/axlotl/211308514/ (sick dog)

    • saturday was a cool dog... he was lucky you guys found him and adopted
    • Your Dog

      Your dog was beautiful. The picture reminds me of a wolf. I don't know if studies have been done on the connection between dogs staying in kennels and bloat. It would be good to add our stories to the research
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