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Control Unleashed: Class Eight

Control Unleashed: Class Eight

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After massage we did mat work in pairs.  We put our mats fairly close together.  First we took turns sending our dogs to the mats.  Next we switched positions so that the dogs crossed paths as we sent them to their mats and called them back.  Both dogs did well with this.  Next we took turns blocking our partner's dog as we sent them to their mats.  Both dogs needed to think a little about this problem a moment before getting onto their mats.  Half of us put our dogs in their crates so we could work on Leave It.  I was saying "Leave it" in too stern a voice.  Kienan said we should use a very normal tone of voice. It should just be a cue to look away from the food or the toy and to look at the trainer.  Finally, again half and half, we worked on whip lash turns.  Those not working their dogs tried to engage the working dogs in play so those working their dogs could call them away and click and treat as soon as their dogs reoriented to them.

I've decided to take the advanced class.  We'll be doing more active work involving agility equipment.
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