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Agility Fun Day Show and Go

Agility Fun Day Show and Go

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Matilda and I had a great time today in Riverside today at the Lynmark Dog Sports Training Center Show and Go.  We got there early so I was able to set up in the shade.  I walked the course a few times and then went over to the four practice rings with Matilda.  I brought along her ball on a rope.  This time no zoomies.  We practiced some jumps, including some at 20". We did the A-Frame, the teeter, and 12 poles.  At the end of each little run I threw Matilda's ball for her.  She loves her ball. Her sit stays weren't perfect, but nothing like last time. We went back to the competition ring, I put Matilda in her crate and walked the novice course some more.

Click to enlarge.
I was concerned about the Rear Cross from the Tire to the Teeter, but that worked fine all three runs.  The first run I had to call her back to the A-Frame after the first two jumps. I think that was her only fault on the first run. For Novice they let you work to get the poles.
I really felt great after this run. (This picture is from my first Show and Go in November.)
I decided to try Matilda at 20". This didn't go so well.  She knocked the first bar, ran under the tire which she had never seen at this height, and flew off the back of the table. I decided We needed to end on a more positive note so we did our last run again at 16". This went much better, and she was faster than on the first run.

  • this is so exciting... so when is your first competition?

    also, why not post a photo of her ball and rope? which one is it? the one like stellas?
    • Ball on a Rope

      She loves the ball. I like the rope. For now the fun show and go trials are fine...just enough pressure...you can stop and treat whenever you want. We both still have lots to learn.
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