February 9th, 2012

The Australian Labradoodle is now the Cobbadog

I was among the people hoping this dog, the Australian Labradoodle, would be established as a breed. If Beverly Manners, the original co creator, hadn't been so crazy, maybe it might have happened, but she kept wanting to exclude breeders from the "authorized list", even those who were breeding dogs from her lines and her daughter's. There has been a lot of drama.

I don't know why it happened just now, or why they chose the name Cobbadogs, but obviously they want to differentiate their dogs (I see the daughter Angela is also using the name Cobbadogs on her website) from the straight poodle/lab crosses and I suppose from the unauthorized breeders of Australian Labradoodles.

Sometime soon I hope to get another one of those unauthorized Australian Labradoodles to keep Matilda and me company.