March 6th, 2011

Daisy Peel Seminar: Day One, After Lunch

After lunch we started working on weave entrances.  We grouped around various sets of six poles and facing the poles; and from the side we sent our dogs to both ends of the poles. All the dogs did pretty well with this.  Next Daisy set up a jump to the poles with the poles running parallel to the jump.  Then just a few feet beyond the entrance to the poles she set the entrance to a tunnel. Many of the dogs Matilda included took the tunnel the first time.  She suggested working on this kind of challenge in our pole practices. Next Daisy had us run a short sequence where we rewarded our dogs after each obstacle to keep our dogs checking in with us and to work as a team.

After this we worked on short sequences with front and rear crosses.

The rear cross was the biggest challenge. Good job Matilda!