August 5th, 2010

Semiprivate Lesson and a Class with Sassie Joiris

Yesterday Dinah, Stella, Matilda and I had a semiprivate lesson with Sassie Joiris  at K9 Campus.  Sassie gave me some helpful suggestions to think about and work on.

By email Sassie gave me her first idea.  When I get stressed my already high pitched voice gets still higher and screechy.  My stress gets passed on to Matilda.  Sassie suggested that I speak to Matilda in a screechy voice and then treat her.  Matilda will learn that good things happen when I screech and she'd better listen.

At the lesson we began by working on how to fix the problem  of Matilda becoming distracted by Stella.  I ran a sequence with Matilda where Stella was standing with Dinah at a turn just beyond the course.  When Matilda ran over to Stella Sassie told me to leave the room.  I came back in and we tried it again. We tried running the sequence. Matilda ran over to Stella again. I went out again.  This time Matilda ran in Stella's direction, but not really to interact with her. Sassie decided the problem now was that I was not properly cuing the turn.

Now we worked on deceleration to cue collection for the turn.  This was very helpful.

Finally, after watching Matilda and I run the course again Sassie observed that I am generally cuing Matilda too late.  Another good observation and more for me to work on.

Matilda and I stayed for the 12:15 class.  We started by working on a very challenging opening, different from the one we did in the morning.  We needed to take our dogs from the starting jump into either end of a straight tunnel sitting under the DW and perpendicular to it.  When our dogs came out of the tunnel, we took them around and up the dog walk.  Lots of fun. Next we worked on the rest of the sequence and I had a chance to work again on my problem spot, collection on the turn.  This time  we did it smoothly.

Thank you, Sassie.  And thank you for the video.