June 24th, 2010

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 The man who just left his dog's poop in the hall last night is a complete creep.  He was parked next to me.  This morning there was was kibble all over the ground next to my car.  He must have just dumped his dog's unfinished breakfast on the ground.

Even though I was really tired last night I couldn't get to sleep.  That seems to happen to me on the road. I pulled into a rest stop this afternoon for a short nap. I think I did fall asleep.  I woke up to hear two Kansas Highway Patrolmen talking to the man in the car parked next to me, a man maybe in his late sixties. 

"Did you know you are missing a screw on your license plate the one asked?"  He went on to ask for his driver's license and registration.  They were  gone checking for quite a while.  When he came back he said he was going to give him a warning, not a ticket.  He went  on to ask where he was coming from. The man said he'd been to visit his sister in California.  The cop asked why he didn't fly.  I didn't hear the man's answer. The Patrolman who was doing all the talking started to walk away; then he came back.  He said you know a lot of people go to California and bring a lot of illegal stuff back.  Do you have anything illegal in your car?  The man paused, then said, "No, I had to think what might be illegal."  All the time the patrolman had a very friendly tone of voice.  "Do you mind if we take a look in your car?"  The man seemed a little flustered, but seemed to agree. He got out his keys and they all walked to the back of his car. He opened his trunk, and they began looking through his trunk.

Now that the patrolman had moved away from the side of my car I decided to leave.  I was glad that Matilda hadn't barked at them.  I wonder what happened to the man.  I wonder what would have happened if he had said they could not look in his car.  How did they see his missing screw on his plate.  I don't know if they followed him into the rest stop (in which case they could never have seen a missing screw ) or they happened to be cruising the rest stop.  Is a missing screw grounds to ask to search a car?