May 9th, 2010


We went to one day of a two day trial in West LA.  Yesterday Matilda and I did the READ program at the Library.  The trial took place at the Cheviot Hills Recreation Center, an interesting park with lots going on.  Within view there was golf, tennis, and soccer right next door.  Their goal netting came under the inch wide ribbon defining the agility ring. 

Also right next door was an Archery range. When I first arrived there was a special group of Japanese archers all dressed in long black robes.  I didn't get a picture of them.  I did get a picture of the range later.

I talked with one of the archers.  She said one day a month people can come and get a free lesson with use of the facility's bows and arrows.  She had her own equipment.

The ring defined only by a ribbon worried me a little.  One dog took the first few jumps of his run and then kept on running out of the ring and across the field.  Another dog pulled over his mistress' chair plus two other chairs in pursuit of a squirrel.  Fortunately neither of these things happened to me.

We did have a chance this time to use our Sports Brella.

Well, we had one good run out of three.  First came Snooker which we didn't do.  I watched a little and then spent the time correcting the kids homework.

Standard Level 2 was our first run.  There was no Dog Walk.  I could see right away the A-Frame would be hard.  There was a tunnel snugged up tight left on the down side, a common set up for the Dog Walk.  We haven't tried this with a running A-Frame. Well, Matilda kept on going and took the tunnel straight straight ahead instead of the one sharp left.  I did get her back into the correct tunnel, but then we had trouble again later and she missed the last jump.  We had no time on that run. I was very nervous on that run.  The judge told us to keep things moving.  She said she didn't want to give anyone a fault for time delay.

Our second run was Colors Level 3. This one went very smoothly. We had a clean run and  good time.  We got a Q and took second place.

Our third and last run was Jumpers Level 2.  With a handling error I sent Matilda into a tunnel straight ahead instead of over a jump to the right. Later I sent her into the wrong end of a tunnel.  When she came out I sent her back into the right end of the tunnel and we finnished the run.  No Q, but we did get a fourth place ribbon.

It was a good learning experience.  I need to work on tight turns coming off a running A-Frame, and I need to work on my handling over all.

I'm glad we got a Q.  WLAOTC has nice Q ribbons.  Of course, I'm glad to have had a good run, too.

Another plus for today, Matilda did the the poles perfectly first try in both standard and colors.  This is a first for a trial!