January 23rd, 2010

READ in the Morning, Fun Run in the Afternoon

Today was great! In the morning Matilda and I went to the Upland Library to listen to children read. Today was the first clear day after a week of heavy rain. I think many kids were doing outside things but we did have about ten kids. One girl read us a great book I think I want to buy called Dogs' Night.  It takes place in a museum.  One night a year the dogs in all the painting come out of there paintings.  This year they have to wait for a party to end.  When the party ends they jump out of their paintings and eat up the left over food and fizzy drinks.  When their night of fun is over they go back into the paintings only the next morning the people discover that four dogs are in the wrong paintings.  For the next year crowds of people come to see these famous painting with the wrong dogs.  One year later on Dogs Night the dogs again come out to play, This time there is no party with fizzy drinks and at the end of their Night Out they return to their original paintings.

We were out of the library by 12:15 and on to Riverside to the LYNMARK DOG SPORT SHOW & GO.  We got there at 1:00 and there was hardly anyone there.  We had six runs, one for free.  Mark Upshaw as usual had very helpful suggestions. We did pretty well.  Three of the runs would have been qualifying times.  One, not on video was a clean run.

We still need to work on start line stays.  At home and in class Matilda will do weave poles easily, but I need to work on them in other places.  Mark pointed out that when I called Matilda to restart the weave poles I was calling as if it were and obedience exercise. "This is agility", he said. I should be using body language to let her know where to come. Mark was also helpful in assessing choices in positioning and crosses at several places on the course.

I had decided to see how today went before signing up for the CPE trial in Escondido in February.  I've decided to do it.

Here are two runs from today that I was able to get on video.