July 29th, 2009

A Great Class!

Last night we had  a great agility class!  It gives you such a wonderful high when things go well.    While waiting her turn Matilda was quiet in her crate even with barking dogs on either side of her.  She held her start line sit stays.  She ran the first sequence perfectly twice. It was a jump to a tunnel next to and to the right of the dog walk ramp, front cross at the tunnel exit to a jump to the left, a tunnel (left entrance) to the dog walk, left turn back into the original tunnel off the dog walk coming out to a final jump.

The second sequence was a jump to the A-frame to a tunnel (left entrance).  Matilda took the right. If I had kept my cool I could have gotten her smoothly right back on track.  Instead she ran off and I had to call her back to pick her up again to do the tunnel to the dog walk, a front cross at the bottom of the dog walk to the tunnel, to a jump.

A lawn picture just for fun, no one was taking pictures at agility.