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Private Class

Private Class

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 I had a good private class with Barbara.  She asked if I had done any work with Matilda practicing jumps at the higher height that she'll have to do which I haven't.  In class the big dogs jump 16 inches. She  set the jump up to 20 inches (I think it was 20, but it might have been 22.  In competition I think she'll have to jump 26) and had me stand right next to the jump stand.  Matilda jumped back and forth over the jump.  If she cleared the jump without touching the bar, I threw a treat on the ground on the side where she landed. There would be no treat if she touched the bar. She easily learned how she needed to use her body to clear this higher height.

Next we did an exercise where I left her on a sit in front of a jump, went to the other side of the jump facing sideways to the jump, released her over the jump to come to my side.  I've been having trouble getting her to stay at the start. I'm trying not telling her to stay, just to sit.

Finally, we did some sequences using a tunnel, A-frame,  and dog walk and jumps at the higher height.  The last sequence involved a jump where I needed to send Matilda off to the right and do a rear cross and bring her back over another jump and then send her on to the dog walk. My send to the right and rear cross were pretty sloppy, so we worked on a turning exercise.  I've really only been working on turning left and right with her facing me.  Now I need to get her to turn while walking with me,  If I'm walking with her on my left,  I call "Left", do a front cross turn as she does a 180 turn left and pick her up on my right. Now I walk with her on my right, call "Right", do a front cross while she does a 180 turn right and pick her up on my left. Next we'll work on doing this with 90 degree turns.

I asked Barbara if I needed to buy a real jump.  She said I could just buy some jump cups at Clean Run or elsewhere and attach them to the jumps I' ve made.

working on left and right 180 turns from walking at my side.... We practice these on walks.
  • Going in circles

    What a busy weekend and what is amazing is a whole week of school and then doggy school! We have to start looking for a movie script about a dancing dog (maybe one with her cousin Stella)surely that would be Oscar material -"TwirlyDogs Millionaire".
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