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Control Unleashed Class Five

Control Unleashed Class Five

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We started with massage.  Then we took turns doing box work.  The person in the box moved around inside the box clicking and rewarding his or her dog for focused attention.  This time Kienan added distractions.  She sent me near to the box to do mat work with Matilda.  I called her and then sent her to her mat repeatedly from varying distances and positions.  When Matilda and I were in the box, Kienan and another woman came inside the box, too, making noises, gestures, squeaking toys, etc.  Matilda did a good dog staying focused.  One dog when he was in the box was constantly sniffing .  Kienan had the owner shuffle his feet up to the dog's face.  When the dog looked up Kienan had the man back off, no treat, backing out of the dog's space was the reward.  Kienan had us work on other games outside the box:  Look at That and Leave It were two.  Matilda and I worked on Leave It. I threw a piece of food on the ground. At first she went for it and I covered it with my foot. When she looked away from the food, I clicked and treated.  Kienan asked me if Matilda would tug.  I said I thought she would.  She said I should walk around others who were working and play tug with Matilda.  I took out my Kong on a rope and got Matilda playing tug. Our last exercise was  group mat work. We got our dogs on their mats fairly close together and then took turns moving in and around the other dogs on mats.  We also jumped around and tried to distract our own dogs from the down stay on the mat. We don't actually tell our dogs to down-stay on the mat, when you send your dog to the mat it means down-stay.
  • question

    do i have this right? everyone outside the box is asking their dog, giving commands for the dog, to do things... inside the box the handler is not giving any commands but clicking/rewarding whenever the dog looks at them or gives their attention, specifically offers any behavior...
    1) so what did most of the in the box dogs do?
    2) what were some of the Look At Thats outside the box that got rewarded?

    this just seems like such a wonderful class! with so much hard work accomplished each time
    • Re: question

      Some people in the box were giving commands ...sit, down, but the important thing is just holding your dog's attention no matter what the distraction. It's OK for the dog to look at the distraction, but they should look right back at you. If you lose your dog's attention in the box you should go and sit in the chair that's in the box. As soon as your dog looks at you again even from a distance you click, reward, stand up, and resume the game of clicking and rewarding attention. If your dog does not ever stop giving you attention in the box which Matilda did not last night, you release your dog for a break and go and sit in the chair, but then as soon as the dog on his or her own gives attention back to you the game resumes. You get up from the chair and begin rewarding attention.

      Most of the dogs were doing pretty well offering attention. The sniffing dog was the hardest case I saw. I didn't see everything that was going on because I was involved with Matilda doing the go to mat game and playing tug with her around other dogs.

      Fairly close to me while I was doing " go to mat" as a distraction for box dogs (and as an exercise for Matilda) there were two dogs doing the "look at that game" on either side of a jump. That's when your dog looks at the other dog you click and reward when the dog looks back at you.

      I forgot, we also practiced whiplash turns.
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